In 2015 we wanted to create a scary VR experience, so a handful of us did Haunted Pixels in less than 3 months. This is how it was described on RunJumpDev's website:

Experience a haunted trail in virtual and augmented reality! Join us for our first-ever Halloween Virtual Reality Experience, Haunted Pixels, created by members of RunJumpDev and hosted by Kre8now.
Players will be wheeled away to a nightmarish landscape unparalleled in the real world and shown horror and terror that can only be experienced in our virtual environment. Along with the VR experience, we will have Halloween-themed video games as well as food and drinks for a small donation. All proceeds are going toward the continuing efforts of RunJumpDev to support our local game developers.

It was HVRE's first year. The experience was a virtual haunted trail for the Samsung GearVR. We used a wheelchair on a circle to emulate the motion of moving through the experience and corrected the curve with redirection to make the player feel like they were moving in a straight line through a town overrun by aliens, a forest full of evil creatures, a haunted graveyard full of zombies, a spider-infested cave, and the demon's lair. Each section of the tour was augmented with things to make the player feel like they were really there.

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