deKunstlinie was the final assignment for a college seminar "The Moving Image and Architecture" fall of 2007. The assignment was to make a montage of a building. I had toured deKunstlinie in Almere, The Netherlands the previous summer. The building serves as a cultural center and theater.
 deKunstlinie was done by SANAA Architects. As with many of their projects, the building was almost completely white on the inside, and very pristine, wrapped in a monochrome shell except for the blue glazing, all blending with the sky and sea. The spaces inside the building shifted and changed in volume. 
I wanted to capture the purity and feeling of shifting volumes in my montage of the tour by cropping each scene to reflect the volume of the space and using white as negative space. 
I used music that emulated the peaceful feel of the design while also providing plenty of harder notes and moments for transitions. 
Overall I feel like the montage was successful. It went a little longer and slower than I think it should now, but such mistakes are needed to grow. I learned a lot from making the montage, and still use the skills from this course many years later. 
Unfortunately, the quality of the upload is not the best, so if I ever find the original I'll replace it. 

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