Series: Myths at McConnell Springs
Title: Sleeping in a Hollow Home
Subtitle: While the little folk sleep in a nearby tree hollow

Location: Scene photographed at McConnell Springs Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The subject was photographed in a studio.

Project Dates: September 2020 - September 2021

McConnell Springs ( is a special place for me. It was shown to me by two people I greatly respect as a place where I could go to recharge and be in a little bit of nature. It's such a hidden gem. The history behind it is rich, and the park is beautiful. If you're ever in the area of Lexington, Kentucky I highly recommend stopping by.

This image was taken in a hollow log near the entrance of the park. The log gave me the sense of small creatures living in a warm space, protected and in comfort. The little creature is curled in a ball in a nest-like setting, covered in her own hair accented with small flowers. This pose was borrowed from a memory of baby squirrels curled up with their tails covering them in a nest safely tucked behind a window in the old building where we had studio class in college. The coloring of the subject is meant to blend in with their surroundings like camouflage. I chose warm colors to accent the wood surroundings and because the colors make me feel cozy and comforted. In the grander story of this series, this image reflects the smaller innocent creatures. Oblivious to the larger story, their simple nature allows them to be comfortable and unconcerned. For me personally, I believe this image reflects my delicate side and my desire for small comforts and simplicity.
Original Created:2021
Subjects: Fantasy
Materials: Digital
Styles: Fine Art Portraiture
Mediums: Digital

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© 2021 Shylo Silvenar, All Rights Reserved

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