Aetheria: Happy Place Habitats - Zen 1 Exterior

This is a work in progress, and constructive feedback is appreciated.

Software used:

Shown here:
Custom 3D models (<3 days)
Custom Materials and Textures (<1 day)
Stylized Illustration (<1 day)
Photo-realistic 3D View at Scope: medium, intermediate, standard, seen between 50' and 100' (<1 day)
Environments create a feeling in those that occupy them. I try to empathize with those that would occupy these spaces and design in a way to promote a desired feeling. This can be influenced by many controllable variables. Just a few visual variables include color, light, texture, negative space, layout, and scale. Other haptics such as smells, temperature, and textures can also heavily influence the feeling of a space and should be considered in any design that has the possibility of fruition or a sense thereof. 

In minimalism it's especially important to design and choose elements of an environment carefully. They should follow the Vitruvian balance of firmness, utility and delight in the simplest way possible: be made well with quality materials, provide multiple needed functions, and promote desired feelings in context.

Zen 1 is part of a series I am creating of Happy Place Habitats. It has a small footprint with a simple layout, made to create a simple place for practicing self care such as meditation, yoga, or personal time reading. Whatever soothes a person's soul. It can also be used as a place of concentration for work & creativity for those of us that find it difficult to focus with typical distractions.

Here I have used Enscape to render a scene using a 3D model I created in Revit. This will be a base for my illustration below.
Here I have used Photoshop to create a digital watercolor painting with geometric masking to echo the contrast of the hard edges of the building against the soft feeling of nature while attempting to also convey a sense of harmony. 

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