Series: Myths at McConnell Springs
Title: Summoning the Moon
Subtitle: The Keepers of The Eight summon the Moon

Location: Scene photographed at McConnell Springs Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The subject was photographed in a studio.

Project Dates: September 2020 - September 2021

McConnell Springs ( is a special place for me. It was shown to me by two people I greatly respect as a place where I could go to recharge and be in a little bit of nature. It's such a hidden gem. The history behind it is rich, and the park is beautiful. If you're ever in the area of Lexington, Kentucky I highly recommend stopping by.

This image was taken at a historical point of interest in the park with a recreated fire pit. The pit and the proximity to Halloween gave me the sense of witches using a cauldron on the fire. My mind took the scene a step further and thought of druids doing nature magic. The repetition of pose was my way of representing the 8 directions equally. The coloring of this image is meant to evoke feelings of magic and wonder. In the grander story of this series, this image gives a sense of preparation. We don’t know what the Moon will do, or why it takes 8, but the act of magic and summoning is obvious. For me personally, I believe this image reflects the many aspects of my personality working together for a larger goal.
Original Created: 2021
Subjects: Fantasy
Materials: Digital
Styles: Fine Art Portraiture
Mediums: Digital

Open Edition Prints are available at Saatchi.
© 2021 Shylo Silvenar, All Rights Reserved

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